How to Transform an Obsolete Healthcare Quality Management System: A Blueprint for Change


Until recently, healthcare quality systems were eclipsed by output-based economic drivers. This has led to substantial stagnation in healthcare provider quality capacities and process improvement infrastructure. Economic drivers are changing, but few providers have realigned internal capabilities by matching up the work of their Quality Management System (QMS). This white paper provides a flexible blueprint for a new genre of healthcare quality management. The model demonstrates how the modern QMS facilitates health reform by orchestrating and balancing a whole-system approach to quality and cost improvement.

White Paper Key Objectives

  1. 1. Learn the top 10 ways QMS transformation will help your organization
        speed up efforts to become a low cost high quality provider.
  2. 2. Learn the 5 fundamental steps of transforming an outmoded QMS
        into an organizational strength for improving patient outcomes,
        reducing costs, and executing the health reform agenda.