Opt2lead Mission & Vision

Opt2Lead’s vision is a highly effective organizational system for improving quality, decreasing costs and executing value.

Our mission is to deliver advanced solutions and superior transformation services that help our clients strengthen their capacity to improve at a fast and reliable rate.


The Eight Guiding Principles of Opt2Lead:

  1. QMS Transformation: The modern QMS is a vital part of the healthcare solution.
  2. Capacity Innovations: Thinking differently about existing resources can help organizations uncover unique opportunities for infrastructure development.
  3. Whole-Systems Design: The “big picture” view yields solutions with multiple benefits.
  4. Strengths-based perspective: By investing in individual strengths, leaders build well-rounded teams and inspire extraordinary employee engagement.
  5. Value-oriented Solutions: Balancing cost and quality is fundamental to success.
  6. Organizational Learning: Assimilating organizational learning is essential to reliable process improvement.
  7. Effective performance measurement: Organizations must balance the technical factors of measurement (data collection, aggregation, analysis) with the human factors of measurement (learning, deciding, acting).
  8. Technology and Collaboration: The power and advantages of social media meaningfully apply to healthcare teams.