Opt2Lead LIGHTHOUSE™ Solution: Educate, Engage and Collaborate

Patient-centered care invokes engagement throughout the course of care design, implementation, and follow-up. Knowing how to improve at each level presumes an active dialogue with patients and families beyond their hospital or clinic encounter. Satisfaction surveys alone will not be enough to gauge progress or focus improvement efforts.

O2L’s LIGHTHOUSE Solution applies a structured methodology for involving patients in the quality improvement process. This solution helps the QMS systematically draw on patient insights to sharpen improvement efforts.

The LIGHTHOUSE SOLUTION also provides a novel approach to advancing provider-community relations. In an information-rich era, this means building a new role for the QMS in community education and intensifying the organization’s conversation on quality. The modern QMS can help consumers accurately interpret publically reported quality data and demystify the information that matters most to them.

The core strengths of our LIGHTHOUSE Solution involve a distinctive blueprint for harmonizing the organization’s quality ambitions with patient-centric thinking and a broader approach to public education on quality.

Our implementation options ensure your organization’s exclusive goals and requirements are paired with the right GATEWAY Support Plan:

  QMS-PG Support Plans™ QMS-PG1:
  Harvesting Opportunities for Patient-driven Quality Improvement:
  QMS Design and Implementation
  Educating and Engaging Consumers on Publically Reported Quality
  Data: Design and Implementation of a Shared Marketing/QMS Model

We want to provide you with everything you need to know about our GATEWAY SOLUTION from what the blueprint entails to how our pricing and support plans work. You can get more information by selecting the GET STARTED link below and completing the short inquiry form on that page. You may also contact us directly at 888.819.7212 and choose the “GET STARTED” option.