Opt2Lead GUIDEBOOK™ SOLUTION: Execute Quality Projects that Succeed.

Our GUIDEBOOK SOLUTION is O2L’s proven methodology for planning and executing balanced improvement projects. We’ve integrated the benefits of formal improvement methods, like rapid-cycle change, to powerfully engage the best ideas and inspire peak contribution. Our work bridges a wide continuum of cost and quality challenges from clinical and operational to patient safety, satisfaction, care management, readmissions, patient flow, and beyond.

The core strengths of our GUIDEBOOK SOLUTION involve an organized blueprint for optimizing organizational talent, integrating core systems, and driving outcomes. Our approach consists of two distinct focus areas. Firstly, O2L guides the onsite team to effectively design, measure, analyze and execute. Secondly, we engage the QMS team to logically connect local improvement activities to the larger quality system – a practice we call building Cohesive Quality Capacity. In addition to achieving outcomes, this dual focus produces better system reliability, disciplined organizational learning, and a clear approach to replicating improvement strategies that work.

Our implementation options ensure that your organization’s exclusive goals and requirements are paired with the right GUIDEBOOK Support Plan:

  IQI Support Plans™ IQI 1:
IQI 2:
IQI 3:
  Project Assessment, Gap Analysis, and
  QI Recommendations
  Formal Rapid Improvement Design and
  Written QI Plan
  X X
  Guided Implementation and Learning     X

We want to provide you with everything you need to know about our GUIDEBOOK SOLUTION from what the blueprint entails to how our pricing and support plans work. You can get more information by selecting the GET STARTED link below and completing the short inquiry form on that page. You may also contact us directly at 888.819.7212 and choose the “GET STARTED” option.