We look forward to helping you
with your Quality Project

Signing on with Opt2Lead is a simple process!

Whether you’re looking for detailed information on our offerings or you’re interested in a formal proposal, our pre-engagement activities are organized to make connecting with O2L effortless. And yes, not everyone progress through our 5-step Pathway exactly as intended. That’s perfectly fine; we’re committed to providing all the details and explanations you need to feel confident partnering with us.

The 5-step Pathway:

  1. Tell us about you.
    To get the process rolling please complete and submit the short questionnaire below. It’s quick and easy and you can submit it today. Choose the Opt2Lead solution or service that aligns with your improvement goals. If you’re not sure or you’re undecided, just indicate on the form that you’d like more info; we’ll work with you in Step 2 to match up your requirements with our best option.
    If you prefer, you can call us toll free at 888.819.7212. Choose the “Get Started” option to provide us with this key information.
  1. Explore your quality objectives and O2L offerings.
    During this step, we’ll meet-up on a joint teleconference to discuss your quality improvement goals and to provide you with additional information about Opt2Lead’s methodologies and support plans. If, at the conclusion of this discussion, you’d like us to provide you with a written proposal we’d be delighted to prepare this for you. Our aim is to deliver all proposals within 3-5 business days of receipt of the request.
  2. Review O2L’s written proposal.
    This commonly consists of a mutual exchange of ideas using a range of possibilities from onsite meetings to remote phone conversations or simple email communication. We’ll adapt to your preference.
  3. Formalize the engagement contract.
    Our contracts, much like our engagement work, are highly organized making this process stress-free and easy to traverse.
  4. Finalize the logistics.
    Confirm the engagement plan and GET STARTED!