Opt2Lead EXPEDITION™ Solution: Transform the Quality Management System.

A high performing Quality Management System (QMS) is indispensable to today’s hospitals and healthcare providers. It’s not enough to have the best patient experience program, or the best physician group, or the best information technology system; in order to achieve extraordinary success, organizations must synchronize patient value across departments, disciplines and care settings. The modern QMS is about the whole – not one specialty group, or one superior program.

The core strength of our EXPEDITION SOLUTION involves a direct, non-classical blueprint for quality system modernization. Unlike most traditional quality programs, Opt2Lead’s approach focuses on the core fundamentals of infrastructure reform, skill transformation, and quality system fluidity; a new genre of integrated services that we call Cohesive Quality Capacity.

The dynamic nature of the modern QMS organizes a more effective approach to whole-system cost reduction and quality improvement; the essential drivers of patient value. The efficient nature of the modern QMS inspires high employee engagement and organizational resiliency; the essential drivers of positive change.

Our implementation options ensure  your organization’s exclusive goals and requirements are paired with the right EXPEDITION Support Plan:

  QMS-2.0 Support Plans™ QMS-2.0:
  Quality System Transformation: Assessment, Skill
  Mapping, Operating System Design and Execution
  Transformational Performance Measurement:
  Analysis, Design, and Implementation
  X X
  Advanced Collaboration: Strategy and
  Implementation Techniques

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