Opt2Lead COMPASS™ SOLUTION: Develop QMS Leaders That Navigate

Navigation is about more than just controlling direction; it incorporates vision, strategy, planning and execution. For most managers, gaining the necessary experience to master the leadership role takes time and practice. When the overall pace of change curtails progress it can lead to frustration, job dissatisfaction and worse.

O2L’s COMPASS solution speeds up learning through an operations-centric curriculum and immersion coaching. Our primary focus is on enhancing the leader’s ability to make decisions and achieve key objectives. This means working to optimize resources, streamline workflow, analyze information, and build collaborative relationships. The core strengths of our COMPASS SOLUTION involve enhanced leadership skills as well as a superior platform for management performance.

Our implementation options ensure your organization’s exclusive goals and requirements are paired with the right COMPASS Support Plan:

  LDP Support Plans™ LDP 1:
LDP 2:
LDP 3:
  QMS Leadership Skills Accelerator X X X
  Building QMS Team Capacity   X X
  O2L Coaching Subscription Plan   X X
  Optimizing QMS Operations     X
  Extended O2L Coaching Subscription Plan     X

We want to provide you with everything you need to know about our COMPASS SOLUTION from what the curriculum entails to how our pricing and support plans work. You can get more information by selecting the GET STARTED link below and completing the short inquiry form on that page. You may also contact us directly at 888.819.7212 and choose the “GET STARTED” option.