Enhancing the value of healthcare delivery can be exceedingly complicated in an industry undergoing constant flux. Opt2Lead is dedicated to helping providers overcome the typical problems that confound success:  unmanaged complexity, cultural hurdles, and outmoded infrastructure.

Our methodologies combine infrastructure reform, systems thinking, and outcomes-centric processes to drive success. Understanding and harnessing the dynamics of systems improves focus on the “big picture” enabling reliable solutions that stick.

Helping our clients compete on value is our highest priority. Opt2Lead is dedicated to offering a wide-range of services and solutions that confront healthcare delivery quality improvement and cost saving initiatives of all kinds.

Kimberley Kresevic PRESIDENT & CEO


why choose US?

Honest guidance, passionate service, and skilled execution. Pure and simple.

Our vast experience in healthcare quality transformation produces unparalleled value for our clients.

When partnering with Opt2Lead you can feel confident in our ability to help you reach your quality and performance goals. You can trust that we’ll work diligently to understand your quality goals and contributing cultural factors. We’ll guide you in the right direction – skillfully and with first-rate service.


Experience, Ingenuity and Outcomes. We get it!

  • Vast healthcare quality improvement experience
  • Goal-directed methodologies that rigorously connect process to outcomes
  • Integrative system design
  • Strengths-based client service model
  • Highest standards for engagement integrity and value

    Opt2lead’s ideas on high-performing quality systems make us freethinkers when it comes to traditional QI methods such as Six Sigma, Lean and TQI. In our view, concentrating on infrastructure and widespread QI skill development can be far more effective than targeting a specific methodology. Our work gives emphasis to the core fundamentals of effective quality systems.

    O2L’s strengths go beyond helping organizations tackle their immediate quality problems by simplifying infrastructure reform, skill transformation, and quality system fluidity. Our style conveys a new genre of healthcare quality improvement that we call Cohesive Quality Capacity. The perception of “Quality” as a disconnected department is replaced by the modern view of quality as a unified whole-system strategy.

    Opt2Lead works diligently to build lasting relationships with clients and other industry experts. We believe that knowledge and perspective are reciprocal. During times of extraordinary change, trusted partnerships can be instrumental in advancing innovation and goal achievement. We welcome the opportunity to team-up!

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