With growing emphasis on cost and quality, a simple idea drove Opt2Lead’s methodologies – give hospitals and healthcare providers the knowledge and tools to optimize their internal quality system and the enhancements would sustain progress beyond the existing crisis or opportunity.

Opt2Lead’s ideas for modernizing quality systems have proven to be economically efficient, culturally engaging, and operationally effective. We view successful healthcare transformation as a process not an episode or a “program”. When organizations develop the necessary skills and infrastructure to effectively lead whole-system quality improvement, success is evident in outcomes. We call this new genre of healthcare quality management Cohesive Quality Capacity”.

Our methods are interlinked with the key success factors of modern cultural transformation:

Human effect: Healthcare is fundamentally a human endeavour. While technology, big data, reward systems, and other inventions can enhance routines and consolidate information, these tools are only as effective as the capabilities and effort of the individuals using them. Inspiring effective human execution is vital to successful quality improvement.

Process over targets: Healthcare delivery is a complex undertaking and complexity cannot be commanded. Process is where the effort should be but the focus must always be on outcomes. Beware of those enamoured by process alone.

System Integration: Modern healthcare quality improvement means making the most of all strategies and being bound by none. Implementing and preserving separate “programs” for different facets of quality (e.g. patient safety, patient satisfaction, clinical process improvement, etc.) can be onerous and often leads to confusion about what’s most important when in fact, everything is important. Modern quality systems enhance cohesion and fluidity.

With an ambitious vision of building better healthcare quality systems, Opt2Lead’s approach embraces progressive and creative techniques for helping clients achieve their goals. Our advanced blueprints jump start engagements and drive implementation efficiency. Our attention to QMS education and training ensures knowledge and skills remain long after project completion. Our holistic approach and emphasis on efficient design brings extraordinary simplicity to complex cost and quality challenges.

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