Is your Quality Management System (QMS) operating as effectively as it could be?

Are the core objectives of health reform ingrained within your operating systems?

Does the work of your QMS meaningfully drive outcomes?

If you’re wrestling with these questions you’re not alone. As health reform takes hold, leading providers are taking a careful look at their existing infrastructure and core capabilities.

Opt2lead’s QMS Fit Test™ aids in the quick evaluation of your Quality Management System. It’s designed to help you gauge your program’s readiness to effect change in the cost and quality of care delivery. By helping you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, our Fit Test enables a better view of the operational and infrastructure enhancements necessary for superior success.

O2L’s Fit Test benefits Senior Executives by demonstrating how a modern QMS plays an integral role in the value-based solution. The Fit Test benefits Quality Leaders by helping them think differently about the fundamentals of healthcare quality management.