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Quality System Self-Assessment for Healthcare Providers
Is your QMS in shape for today's challenges?

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SOLUTIONS for Healthcare Quality Improvement


Leadership Development Program (LDP)
Develop QMS Leaders
that Navigate
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Intensive Quality Improvement (IQI)
Execute Quality Projects
that Succeed
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Quality Management System Transformation (QMS-t)
Transform the Quality
Management System
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Quality System Patient Gateway (QMS-pg)
Educate, Engage
and Collaborate
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Opt2Lead is a healthcare consulting group specializing in innovative Quality Management Systems (QMS), process improvement, and quality system leadership development. We team up with hospitals, healthcare delivery systems, and emerging care-delivery reform programs (ACOs) to modernize quality system infrastructure and adapt improvement practices to a value-driven healthcare economy.

Opt2Lead Company Overview


Opt2Lead delivers a wide range of quality improvement, cost reduction, and infrastructure makeovers. Our offerings include both short-term engagements and longstanding subscription support programs. As dedicated strategic partners; we bring a breadth of quality expertise that is tailored to the individual needs of each client:
   - Quality System Transformation and Leadership Development
   - Process Improvement and cost reduction
   - System Redesign and clinical transformation
   - QMS Brand Development and Activation